InvestorQ : How to apply for Debit card?
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How to apply for Debit card?

Anjali Desai answered.
4 years ago
Applying for a debit card is quite easier nowadays. Due to digital push to the country, source to get a debit card has been made possible in a matter of minutes.

One way to get a debit card is offline; wherein you get the debit card the time you open a savings account with the bank who offers.
Another way of getting a debit card is simply submitting an application form of Debit card issue to your nearest bank branch. Generally, it takes 4-5 working days to get to your doorsteps.

The online option is mostly preferred and easier than the offline option:
You can visit the bank's website and apply for debt.
Choose the desired category of the debit card as per the requirement.
Fill the other required details
In the matter of 2 -3 days you will receive the card.

Also, along with the card, you will receive confidential information like Personal Identification Number or PIN.
Make sure, your KYC has been done with your account. You don't have to submit any documents in the debit card process.

Once you activate your card with the said process, you will be able to do all transaction and payment purposes.