InvestorQ : How to buy or start SIP?
rhea Babu made post

How to buy or start SIP?

Shreya Karn answered.
3 years ago

Its really a nice idea to start your saving turn into a fruitful investment option through SIP.. Investment in Mutual funds through SIP options helps to create wealth by just investing small amount of Rs. 2000 at a regular interval.

You can easily reach any fund house, or agency, or financial advisory through their website or branch. In case you have an idea about the market, MF plan, Nav, AUM then opting online is a better option as you can easily start your SIP with just few clicks.

However, if you are new to investment and mutual fund, then I will refer you to visit a branch and understand the various schemes and plans, the objective of every plan and then choose your plan accordingly. You can also start or buy SIP through financial advisory firm or agent, but ensure that you understand every aspect of the plan you are choosing.