InvestorQ : How to change my bank account
Bapiraju Boda made post

How to change my bank account

Allysin Pinto answered.
11 months ago

First step is to identify the needs your current bank doesn't fulfil. Your search for a new bank should not lack in the same ways that your old bank did. Otherwise the whole bank changing process would be a waste.

To open an account in a new bank you can either visit your local branch and a representative will help you understand the entire process. If the bank provides the option to apply online then you can do so. Keep relevant documents on hand while applying.

You may have your old bank account linked to debts or monthly payments. Create a list of this, so that you can attach these payments to your new account.

After your account in the new bank is set up, transfer any money in your old account to your new one. Visit your old bank branch to have it closed down.