InvestorQ : How to Download PAN through the Income Tax website?
Ayushi Kampani made post

How to Download PAN through the Income Tax website?

Radhika Arya answered.
2 years ago
Please follow the below steps:

  1. Visit the e-filing website of the income-tax department.
  2. Click on the link ‘Instant PAN through Aadhaar’
  3. Click on the link ‘Check status of PAN’
  4. Submit your Aadhaar number and the OTP received on your mobile number linked with Aadhaar.
  5. Check the status of the application – PAN allotted or not.
  6. If PAN is allotted, click on the download link to get a copy of the e-PAN pdf.
  7. You can get the e-PAN printed your own to keep it in hard copy for future references.

Things to remember:

  • The applicant’s mobile number shall be linked with Aadhaar.
  • The applicant shall have a valid Aadhaar which is not linked to any other PAN, this means he shall not have any existing PAN card before applying for e-PAN, otherwise, he shall be liable for a penalty u/s 272B(1) of Income-tax act.
  • Applicants need not submit any documents as this entire process is paperless.
  • No fees shall be paid by the applicant.