InvestorQ : How to invest in F&O and how to make profit.
Prithvi made post

How to invest in F&O and how to make profit.

Akash Deep answered.
3 years ago

There are basically 2 ways to reach to our final destination of good earnings from trading in F&O.

Self learning and self trading:

If you are thinking that you want to learn independently and you want to increase your skills and talent in trading, you should be prepared to loose your capital, patience and also motivation. Learning about technical analysis and trading by yourself is a long term process.

I tried this that’s why sharing with you. When I entered into stock market and read answers on Quora, I thought that it’s easy to learn and earn from stock market. But when I traded practically after learning, i realize that it’s tough to be master because it takes years to be skilled and expert in this.

If you have patience and if you can invest time and money for long term, you should focus on learning. But hardly 5 people out of 100 are able to succeed in this so think before you start investing time and money for that.

2. Follow an expert:

This is another way to earn good money from F&O trading which doesn’t require self learning or self trading capacity. Following an expert is easier compared to self learning because learning takes long time may be years while following an expert gives results instantly.

I tried both the ways but learning took long time and still i did not get satisfied results. I completed technical analysis course of 6 months and did practice also for many months but results were not satisfactory.

If we get good expert or we can say good advisor who have long experience in market, we don’t have to pay attention to stock market while trading. I don’t get much time due to my job so I prefer someone who just all analysis and provide me best stocks to trade. Self learning requires lot of time to invest from our daily schedule and also we have to do everything by our own