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how to learn about these

Priyanka Singh answered.
3 years ago

While I was pursuing my MBA, I came across this platform to read financial knowledge. It's been quite long that I have still refer the answer discussed here among users.

What is InvestorQ? InvestorQ is a one-of-its-kind online community where all finance enthusiasts, as well as curious minds, can find wide-ranging content on finance. You can ask questions, give answers to questions asked by others and resultantly, enrich the platform with your financial experiences.

How it is useful for you? I got to read some most important topics covered on InvestorQ are: stocks, equities, mutual funds, insurance, commodities, loans, MCX, NCDEX, investment, personal finance, bitcoins, currency.

How to approach? Simply create an account on InvestorQ. Provide your mobile number. This will generate a one-time password (OTP).

‘Enter OTP’ and approve the process. Provide your details like email address and enter a password of your choice. You will be asked to confirm the password and on successful confirmation of the password, your account will be registered with InvestorQ.

As InvestorQ is a content-based app, it is an open-ended forum for discussion, it is not for the performance of trading and investment.

However, you can get to solve all your queries and share your knowledge regarding Intraday.

After signing in, head to the right top corner of the page and click on the ‘Add Questions’ button. You will get to see a window pop-up where you will have to type your question. After that, select a best suitable topic that your question falls under. Click ‘Add Question’ to post it.

In InvestorQ, on clicking the ‘Trending’ button, you will see the most recent activity on the InvestorQ community. You can BookMark the answer that you find is helpful for you. "Watchlist’ is another interesting option that provides the functionality for a user to follow stock-specific questions and answers.

I hope that I have answered your query.