InvestorQ : how to learn technical analysis and fundamental analysis for intraday
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how to learn technical analysis and fundamental analysis for intraday

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Fundamental and technical analysis are two common methods investors and traders use in order to predict the future movements of a given stock. Technical analysis is a method of forecasting a stock's future performance by studying its past performance. While fundamental analysis involves the use of macro factors, industry analysis, and balance sheet analysis, they also consider qualitative factors.

Technical analysis, on the other hand, is more to do with charts and chart patterns. While analyzing fundamentals is one of the most effective methods of determining the long-term movements of a stock, technical analysis provides a similar tool for short-term traders. Trading involves making many decisions, including what to trade and when to buy and sell. In order to make these decisions, a trader has to form an opinion about where he/she thinks the price of a given stock or asset is going, and how soon it might get there. Technical analysis is one of the most common methods traders use to help them identify potential trading opportunities. Through technical analysis, traders study how the market behaves when the stock price reaches a certain level. Technical analysis can serve as a compass, and an anchor to help traders better navigate trading decisions.

There are various books that will help you understand the concept of investing and help you with the methods of fundamental and technical analysis. Some of them are (in no particular order): 

Fundamental analysis:

a. Intelligent Investor- Benjamin Graham
b. One Up on Wall Street – Peter Lynch
c. Common stocks, Uncommon Profit -Philip Fisher 

Technical analysis: 

a. Technical analysis from A to Z – Steven B. Achelis
b. The Complete Turtle Trader- Michael Covel
c. Technical Analysis of the financial markets- John J. Murphy 

There are many good blogs and videos available which will help enhance your knowledge on the subject. Once you have understood the basics of fundamental and technical analysis, it's better to first put your knowledge to the test. You can do that by visiting any virtual trading website available online and buy and sell shares with the virtual money you are provided with.

Do this for at least 2 months, and keep track of your transactions on the dummy profile. Once you are familiar with the process and have grasped the idea of buying and selling stocks successfully, then you can begin your foray into the real world. At least initially, invest only as much as you can afford to lose and then increase the amount gradually.