InvestorQ : How to set about your investment journey?
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How to set about your investment journey?

Priyanka Jain answered.
3 years ago
Where exactly does your investment journey begin? One can argue that you begin your investment journey by articulating your goals. You can also argue that your investment journey begins when you make your allocation decisions. But the real journey of investment from a practical standpoint begins only when you write a cheque and make an investment. That is when you actually become an investor.
Remember, investing is not exactly rocket science. But then it calls for a lot of knowledge, analytical skills, diligence, and discipline. Also, you are committing your hard earned money and you surely want to make your money grow. The first task, therefore, would be to select your broker or your advisor who will be your ally in your investment journey. It is all ok to talk about investments on a piece of paper. Your actual journey begins when you commit funds and put your money where your mouth is.