InvestorQ : How was the capital raising scenario in India during the year 2020 so far?
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How was the capital raising scenario in India during the year 2020 so far?

sarah Leo answered.
3 years ago

The latest annual numbers put out by Prime Database has made some interesting observations about capital raising in the Indian markets in the year 2020.

· It was actually a good year for capita raising. Despite being a pandemic year, 2020 saw Indian companies raise Rs.985,000 crore via equity and debt put together.

· On the one hand, equities were helped by buoyant capital markets and liquidity while bonds got support from low borrowing costs.

· If you break up the Rs.985,000 crore raised during the year, Rs.735,000 crore came from debt and Rs.250,000 crore came from equities.

· On the debt side, nearly 98% of the funds raised were through the private placement route to HNIs and qualified institutional buyers.

· Capital raising overall got an enthusiastic response on the back of economic recovery, positive cues on vaccine program, ample liquidity and global appetite for EM paper.

· The funds raised in 2020 are nearly 5% lower than the funds raised in 2019. That is truly commendable considering the challenges faced by Indian companies during 2020.

· Funds were essentially raised by Indian companies to create a war chest, for future expansion plans and in many cases to repay high cost debt.

Overall, despite a tough year, capital raising has been quite active during the year.