InvestorQ : How was the Dreamfolks listing on Tuesday 06th September?
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How was the Dreamfolks listing on Tuesday 06th September?

vidhya Laxmi answered.
4 weeks ago

Dreamfolks Services Ltd had an impressive listing on 06th September 2022, listing at a premium of 56%, but it struggled to hold on to stellar listing gains. It may be recollected that the IPO price was fixed at the upper end of the band at Rs.326. It listed on the NSE at Rs.508.70, a premium of 56% above the issue price of Rs.326 while it listed at Rs505 on the BSE. Dreamfolks closed the day at Rs462.85 on the NSE with a first day listing premium of 41.98%. The BSE closing was also somewhat similar with gains of 41.92% on Day-1.

On the first day of listing, Dreamfolks Services scaled an intraday high of Rs.549 on the NSE and a low of Rs.448, but trader towards the lower end of the range, although, the premium held through the day. On the BSE, the stock touched a high of Rs.550 and low of Rs.448.50. At the close of listing day, Dreamfolks Services had a closing market capitalization of Rs.2,417.35 crore, which makes the stock a micro to small cap stock from an MF classification perspective. The total free-float market cap stood at Rs.435.12 crore

Let us finally look at the volumes on day 1. Dreamfolks traded a total of 268.38 lakh shares on NSE aggregating to a total traded value of Rs.1,309.92 crore. It was the 2nd most active stock on NSE by traded value, although it ranked only 20th in terms of traded volumes. On the BSE, Dreamfolks IPO traded 16.52 lakh shares with aggregate value of Rs.81.15 crore. It was the 6th most active stock on the BSE in terms of trading value, but considering the large number of penny stocks on BSE, Dreamfolks did not rank anywhere on volumes.