InvestorQ : How were the D-Mart numbers announced over the weekend?
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How were the D-Mart numbers announced over the weekend?

sarah Leo answered.
4 months ago

Avenue Supermarts, the company that owns and operates the popular D-Mart chain of retail stores in India, announced its December 2021 quarter results on 07th January. In fact, among the top 100 stocks by market cap in India, Avenue Supermarts was the first to put out its quarterly results with IT results also starting only on 12 January. D-Mart has modelled itself on Wal-Mart and focuses on squeezing vendors to pass on benefits to the consumers.

For the Dec-21 quarter, Avenue Supermarts reported 23.6% higher net profits on a yoy basis at Rs.553 crore. Revenues from operations were also up 22.2% at Rs.9,218 crore. While sales did bounce back, margins tended to flatten out during the quarter. The company also added a total of 17 stores during the Dec-21 quarter to its retail portfolio. D-Mart operates on a combination of push and pull strategy with value proposition being the key.