InvestorQ : How were the results announced by Infosys for the Dec-21 quarter?
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How were the results announced by Infosys for the Dec-21 quarter?

4 months ago

Let me share with you the key highlights of the quarterly results of Infosys announced for the Dec-21 quarter. Here is the gist of the results of Infosys.

· Sales revenues were up 22.9% at Rs.31,867 crore on over the Dec-20 quarter with sequential sales growth at 7.65%.

· In terms of verticals, the BFSI sector accounted for 33% of revenues while retail practice reported the most exciting EBITDA margins of 35.3%.

· In big ticket deals, Infosys signed mega deals worth $2.53 billion and out of its 1,738 clients, nearly 50% are in the $1 million plus category with 37 being $100 million plus.

· Digital revenues grew 42% yoy and now accounts for 58.5% of top line revenues and is nearly 840 bps higher on a yoy basis.

· In terms of market share of revenues, the financial services practice was 31.5% of total revenues while retail vertical stood at 14.5%. Communications had a share of 12.5%.

· North American dominated with 61.8% revenue share while Europe and UK put together had 25% of revenues. This was the bulk of the revenue pie for Infosys.

· Operating profits grew 13.58% at Rs.7,484 crore but operating margins narrowed by 192 bps due to cost pressures on manpower, travel and sub-contracting costs.

· Net profits were up by a relatively subdued 11.78% at Rs.5,809 crore with high value clients providing good traction. PAT margins narrowed from 20.04% to 18.23% yoy.

· To sum it up, Infosys had a quarter of robust top line growth but operating margins coming under pressure due to the macro problem of higher costs in IT industry.