InvestorQ : How will the Mutual fund market 10 years from now onwards?
Aishwarya Nimbalkar made post

How will the Mutual fund market 10 years from now onwards?

3 years ago

Mutual funds are directly related to Equity and Debt market.

So for proper analysis of mutual fund we have to 1st analyse Equity and Debt market ✌️.

In Upcoming 3 years we might face a bit slowdown as per current market conditions.

But after that we might see a good growth in GDP and similarly in economy which would lead the growth in equity market and so on..

# there is a good growth expected in equity market so A good growth in mutual funds too but select the scheme wisely ✌️.

Note:- There is no guarantee in stock market ✌️.

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seema Upadhyaya answered.
3 years ago
It is very difficult to predict the market in the long-run. Since you do not know what turn it will take. However, if I talk about the present condition of the market and predict mutual funds keeping this as the basis, mutual funds would be the most preferred type of investment in the coming few years, because of the exposure it gives to investors and the risk is very minimal for the retail investors.

Returns are going to be more impressive in the coming few years as most of the investors will shift to investment in mutual funds. A diversified portfolio will have more benefits and would appear more attractive to the users.
However, to be wise is the greatest thing one can do. Mutual fund growth is subject to market risk. So, whatever plan you are planning to invest today, make sure you know the basics and the benefits and the risk involved.