InvestorQ : I have some personal hassles and that is impacting my trading performance. How do I get over this problem and focus on trading?
Moii Chavate made post

I have some personal hassles and that is impacting my trading performance. How do I get over this problem and focus on trading?

vidhya Laxmi answered.
3 years ago

The most important thing is to be able to recognize that you have a problem rather than try and live in denial. Once you admit the problem, the rest of the answers will follow. Here is how.

The great Jesse Livermore once said that there is more money made in trading by just sitting than by jumping in. If you feel that your personal life does not provide you the mental condition to trade smartly, just put off your trading venture. It is always better to delay your trading till you are fully prepared mentally rather than to jump in and then realize your folly along the way. No harm in sitting out for some more time!

When problems fester they change your attitude to life and also your attitude to trading. From a positive person you could end up becoming a negative and cynical person. Don’t let your personal problems fester. Personal challenges are part and parcel of your professional life. You can take them in your stride. The big challenge comes when you let these problems fester. Try to take on personal problems head-on. That is the only way to do it by facing up to the reality. The moment you let your personal problems to fester, you are actually creating the recipe for a gradual de-focusing of your mind from your trading activity. That is something that must be avoided!

If your personal problem has a financial implication, have you made provisions for the cost? That is the first step. Make provisions for the financial costs. Whether it is a divorce, a medical emergency, personal health issues etc. The best answer to worry is insurance. Today, adequate insurance can address most of your worries pertaining to health and life. Why not make the best use of it. When you take insurance, it is the peace of mind which it offers, that is the biggest takeaway. More than the problem, it is thinking about the problem that can be awfully taxing.

This is an important step, even at the risk of reiteration and repetition. Recognize that there is a personal problem rather than trying to live in self-denial. The best way to address a personal problem is to accept its existence. Otherwise, your personal problems will continue to impact your trading performance and you may not even realize it as you are still living in a state of self-denial. Get over that self denial mode.

It is essential to be happy and for that it is necessary to see the good side of things and celebrate. What does that mean? Celebrate your small victories in trading. That is the best way to tide over your personal issues and ensure that it does not impact your trading. When you make a good trade or outdo your expectations, treat yourself along with close friends. The easiest way to let personal problems fester is to lock yourself up. That impacts your trading performance! Put yourself in a happy mode and the trading performance will follow.

Like for any problem, there are experts who can help you out. Don’t think too much about seeking help. Get professional help if you find it hard to manage your personal challenges. There is nothing to really be wary about seeking professional counselling help. You may actually get a fresh perspective which may normally get lost in the noise. Also the professional counsellor will be able to pinpoint the specific aspects of your personal life challenges that are impacting your trading performance. That is worth its weight in gold!