InvestorQ : I keep reading about auction of government securities. What exactly is meant by auction of securities?
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I keep reading about auction of government securities. What exactly is meant by auction of securities?

Niti Shenoi answered.
3 years ago

Auction is a process of calling of bids with an objective of arriving at the market price. It is basically a price discovery mechanism. There are several variants of auction. Auction can be price based or yield based. In securities market we come across below mentioned auction methods.

French Auction System

After receiving bids at various levels of yield expectations, a particular yield level is decided as the coupon rate. Auction participants who bid at yield levels lower than the yield determined as cut-off get full allotment at a premium. The premium amount is equivalent to price equated differential of the bid yield and the cut-off yield. Applications of bidders who bid at levels higher than the cut-off levels are out-right rejected. This is primarily a Yield based auction.

Dutch Auction Price

This is identical to the French auction system as defined above. The only difference being that the concept of premium does not exist. This means that all successful bidders get a cut-off price of Rs. 100.00 and do not need to pay any premium irrespective of the yield level bid for.

Private Placement

After having discovered the coupon through the auction mechanism, if on account of some circumstances the Government / Reserve Bank of India decided to further issue the same security to expand the outstanding quantum, the government usually privately places the security with Reserve Bank of India. The Reserve Bank of India in turn may sell these securities at a later date through their open market window albeit at a different yield.

On-tap issue

Under this scheme of arrangements after the initial primary placement of a security, the issue remains open to yet further subscriptions. The period for which the issue remains open may be sometimes time specific or volume specific