InvestorQ : In which share I get maximum profit?
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In which share I get maximum profit?

Archita Jajjoo answered.
2 years ago

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the process by which companies raise funds from the market. Businesses require funds for a variety of reasons. They could be requiring funds for expansion of their capacity, they could be looking at diversification into new business lines, they could be looking at expanding their presence across India and abroad or they may even be looking to repay their high-cost loans.

All these funding requirements can be met through an IPO. As investors what you need to understand is how to apply for IPO and, more importantly, how to buy IPO online.

Not just through studying the past history of the company, you must also check with the company's plan to utilise the funds raised through IPO. You should also keep check with a business model plan of the company, as it plays a major role in overall net profit and advanced of the company, Past growth records, legal records of the company in the news, promoters stake, total company's liability and asset, nonperforming asset, company's book of account.

However, if you investing in IPO you must look at the following factors:

How is the company planning to utilize the funds raised through IPO?, Check if any promoters and anchor investors plans to exit the firm via IPO?

Hence, if you have complete learnings and analysation of IPO properly, you can definitely earn positive through IPO.

Here are 5 stellar examples of 2019 IPOs that have resulted in more than100% advancement on the day of listing: IRCTC, Atron Paper, Avenue Supermarts, Salasar Techno Engineering and Fineotex Chemicals.