InvestorQ : Is a letter from NPR a valid document for KYC?
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Is a letter from NPR a valid document for KYC?

sarah Leo answered.
2 years ago
NPR (National Population Registry) is a database containing a list of all of the usual residents of the country. RBI in its latest circular stated that a letter from National Population Registry, with your name and address, shall be considered as a valid document for Know Your Customer (KYC) drive of banks. Therefore, a letter from NPR is now among the Officially Valid Documents (OVDs) which are to be accepted by banks for opening an account with the bank or to meet any other requirements.
Other OVDs include Permanent Account Number (PAN Card), Aadhaar Card, Driving License, NREGA job card.

Banks are also looking forward to accepting the NPR data after the direction from RBI in this regard.
There was a notification from the banks to submit the KYC details before January 31st, 2020. The list of documents to be submitted for the process included the NPR letter. Banks also stated that those who fail to submit the documents shall not be allowed to withdraw/transfer money from their account. RBI officials said that since it is a general document, there is no harm in linking the same to the KYC process.

So, to avoid future chaos, kindly submit your documents for the purpose of KYC before 31st January 2020.