InvestorQ : Is Bharat Biotech also planning to make inputs for vaccines in India itself?
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Is Bharat Biotech also planning to make inputs for vaccines in India itself?

Angel dcosta answered.
1 year ago

One of India’s best known and home-grown biotech company, Bharat Biotech, is seriously looking at manufacturing key inputs and raw materials that go into vaccines. Bharat Biotech is the creator of Covaxin, which is one of the two approved vaccines for inoculating against COVID-19. Bharat Biotech has now tied up with Council for Scientific and Industrial Research or CSIR for technologies and platforms for novel vaccines, drugs and raw materials.

The idea of this entire exercise is to build vaccine self-sufficiency in India to the extent possible. Here the issue is not self-sufficiency in manufacture of vaccines, as India is already the world’s largest manufacturer of vaccines. The issue is about having better control and command over the entire manufacture value chain. That is only possible if India also has its own internal sources of supply of raw material and other inputs that go into vaccines.

Currently, a number of preservatives for vaccines are imported from Germany while specific raw material are imported from the US. The joint effort will focus on chemicals like Beta propiolactone, Thimersol and Microcarriers, which have typically been in short supply. The idea is that if a steady supply of raw materials was domestically and readily available, there would be opportunities for developing vaccines for various diseases on a larger scale.