InvestorQ : Is it true that Byju’s is close to coming out with an IPO?
Arti Chavan made post

Is it true that Byju’s is close to coming out with an IPO?

1 year ago

After the recent deal to buy White Hat for $300 million was signed, the markets are again rife with expectations that Byju’s may come out with an IPO soon. In the last few years, Byju’s has been quite active in inorganic acquisitions and they may be finally looking to go beyond venture funding and look at a possible IPO to give an exit route to the financers.

Byju’s believes that edtech could be a big story for many years to come in the future. Apart from the opportunity to reach out more effectively to more students, there is also scope to help teachers teach better. The bigger opportunity for edtech could be when offline edtech players also move online this year. Byju’s sees ample room for growth in edtech segments.

Byju Ravindran, the founder of Byju’s has already indicated that the company had reached a stage where it had the option to do an IPO soon, although he did not commit about the time likely timelines. In the case of Byju’s they may have the luxury of waiting for the IPO for some more time as most of their early investors had already been given an exit.