InvestorQ : Is it true that Oracle is making a bid for Tik Tok?
vidhya Laxmi made post

Is it true that Oracle is making a bid for Tik Tok?

sarah Leo answered.
1 year ago

It is reported that Oracle Corp of the US, the world’s leading database company, may make a bid for Tik Tok. Oracle is best known for legacy corporate databases so the largely teenager based music-video sharing app like Tik Tok surely looks out of place. Not exactly!

Oracle has the desire to build its cloud-computing and consumer-data businesses and from that perspective, Tik Tok with its Chinese origins and global franchise, can surely be a huge plus. It may be recollected that Trump had ordered ByteDance to hive off Tik Tok, US.

With its huge database of content, Tik Tok will need new places to store the data generated by users. Tik Tok could be an anchor tenant for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure unit, which struggled to match up to Amazon and Microsoft. It could save billions for Tik Tok annually.

Oracle sits on a pile of $43 billion cash and securities and could easily fund a buyout of Tik Tok, which is valued at less than $40 billion. The marriage looks all the more likely as Oracle has a history of growing business the inorganic way.