InvestorQ : Is it true that Reliance Jio has launched new offers for feature phone users and what exactly are these features?
Dilmini Mercia made post

Is it true that Reliance Jio has launched new offers for feature phone users and what exactly are these features?

Dawn Cherian answered.
1 year ago

You are absolutely correct because Reliance Jio Infocom has launched new offers for feature phone users. The chairman of the Reliance Group, Mukesh Ambani, has claimed that it will take the company closer to its goal of 2G-free India. Here is how it will work. Jio will offer a JioPhone smart device, unlimited voice calls and 2GB data a month for a period of 2 years at a stunningly low price of Rs.1,999. The offer will be effective fro0m 01-March.

According to Jio, any customer looking for similar benefits in any other operator, will need to pay nearly twice that amount at the bare minimum. According to a statement by Jio Infocom, they have already upgraded over 10 crore users to JioPhone and their next big target is the massive army of 300 million mobile subscribers who are still stuck with 2G connections. It may be recollected that Jio Infocom only provides 4G wireless services.

This feature is open to existing customers also. They can avail the offers at Rs.749 with a validity period of one year. In the process, they will get unlimited voice calls and 2GB of data per month. For the people who have just migrated from 2G, that is a good starting point and can take care of most of the basic data needs that people have to communicate, send important data across etc.

Clearly, Reliance wants to use the JioPhone offer to capture a decent market share of what is popularly called the bottom of the pyramid market. The reason are not far to seek. In the last few months, Bharti Airtel has gone way ahead of Jio in terms of customer accretion, although Jio remains the largest by customer base. Jio sees this as an opportunity to tap a large unexplored market and give a quantum boost to their client base.

Another opportunity that Jio senses is in capturing the client base that Vodafone has been losing. For example, Vodafone lost 5.7 million subscribers in December alone and lost close to 34.9 million customers in the first nine months of this fiscal. This can be a good strategy to tap the outgoing numbers from the list of Vodafone customers at the entry level.