InvestorQ : Is my data with Upstox safe as recently there has been a breach of security?
prachi Patwardhan made post

Is my data with Upstox safe as recently there has been a breach of security?

Rutuja Nigam answered.
2 years ago
Recently, Upstox (a retail broking firm) has warned its customers of a security breach that has taken place, it included the contact data and KYC details of customers. The company has assured users that their funds and securities are safe.
The company got aware of the situation when it received emails claiming unauthorized access to the company’s database and has consequently appointed a leading cyber-security firm to further investigate the matter.

The company has compromised with the personal details of its customers and is not even aware of the exact breach. This means that the company is not sure as to how many customers’ data has been compromised so far.

Soon after the incident, the company has initiated multiple security enhancements, particularly at the third-party warehouses, and has done additional ring-fencing of its network. To be more secure, Upstox has also initiated a secure password reset via OTP for all its users. If you are doubtful about the security over the platform, you should reset your password immediately and keep a strong password, other than previous passwords and which is not common.

Upstox is looking to make its platform more secure, however, customers need to take their precautions as well.