InvestorQ : Is the city of Hyderabad emerging as the hub of the entire COVID vaccine development activity?
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Is the city of Hyderabad emerging as the hub of the entire COVID vaccine development activity?

Khushi Patel answered.
3 years ago

If there is one city that is emerging as the real hub of the COVID battle, it is Hyderabad. In fact, when the prime minister visited Genome City near Hyderabad, he had specifically spoken about the rapid strides made by the companies in Hyderabad in their battle against. Now, there are multiple companies at various stages of preparedness.

It would not be wrong to say that Hyderabad could emerge as the hub of COVID vaccine development going by the initial trends. Just to cite an example, Hyderabad alone has 5 vaccine manufacturing firms in the race to bring out an antidote. Hyderabad companies are into everything including producing HCQ, Favipravir, Remdesivir and actual vaccine.

There are a number of companies involved in different facets of the operation. For example, Bharat Biotech, Biological E Ltd and Aurobindo Pharma are at different stages of launching their own vaccines. At the same time, Reddy Labs and Hetero Drugs have tie-ups for manufacturing the COVID vaccine; with Reddy Labs tying up with Sputnik of Russia.

It is not just the pharma segment but the entire ecosystem that is geared up to the anti COVID fight. In fact, the Hyderabad International Airport has already ramped up its cold-chain infrastructure for vaccine transportation. This is essential as some of the vaccines like the ones by Pfizer-BionTech require storage at -74 degrees centigrade.

The manufacturing capabilities of Hyderabad in the vaccine will not in any way impact the distribution, which will still be under the control of the government. But companies like Bharat Biotech, Aurobindo, Reddy Labs and even the recent listed Gland Pharma are playing a pivotal role in fighting against the COVID at multiple levels.