InvestorQ : Is Vodafone Idea still losing customer market share to Jio and Bharti Airtel?
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Is Vodafone Idea still losing customer market share to Jio and Bharti Airtel?

Anamika Sodhani answered.
3 weeks ago

As per the latest TRAI data put out for the month of April 2022, Reliance Jio added 16.8 lakh mobile subscribers and maintained its leadership position with 40.5 crore subscribers. In second place was Bharti Airtel, which managed to add around 8.1 lakh users during the month of April 2022. As of the close of April, the total subscribers of Bharti Airtel stood at an impressive 36.11 crore subscribers. Clearly, the big 2 continue to lead and dominate the telecom space in India in an emphatic manner. But what about Vodafone Idea?

Unfortunately, Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel gained subscribers entirely at the cost of Vodafone Idea. This has been the trend for the last many months. For the month of April 2022, Vodafone Idea lost 15.7 lakh subscribers and now its total count of mobile subscribers stands at a much lower 25.9 crore subscribers. In the last few months, the gap between Reliance JIO and Bharti on one side and Vodafone Idea on the other side is consistently widening. Vodafone is also suffering the network effect as it plays on itself.

The national wireless subscribers grew marginally to 114.3 crore in April 2022, however this also indicates that the addressable market for telecom is substantially addressed. While the rural growth was positive, the urban growth was negative at a macro level. Wireless subscription in urban areas fell to 62.4 crore, while in rural markets this number inched up to 51.9 crore. The real story may be in the broadband subscribers where Jio has an unassailable lead.

Total broadband subscribers were up at 78.87 crore in April 2022. Unlike the overall wireless space, where Bharti Airtel is closer to Jio, here it is Jio that has a big advantage. Reliance Jio with 41.1 crore broadband subscribers is way ahead of Bharti Airtel with 21.5 crore subscribers and Vodafone Idea with just 12.2 crore subscribers. Reliance Jio had the edge since it was a base broadband player.