InvestorQ : It is true that ITI Ltd is likely to receive some big orders from the defence segment?
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It is true that ITI Ltd is likely to receive some big orders from the defence segment?

vidhya Laxmi answered.
3 years ago

ITI Ltd, a government of India enterprise, expects to sign a telecom network contract deal worth Rs.7,796 crore with the Ministry of Defence of MOD in the near future. ITI did not comment on the likely timelines but assured that the order was as good as done.

ITI Ltd was declared to be the lowest bidder for the Army Static Switched Communication Network (ASCON) Phase IV. The tender for the above project had been floated by the Indian Army in the year 2017 and it is likely to be soon declared that ITI is the lowest bidder.

ITI Ltd was declared as LI bidder for the ASCON Phase IV Project back in 2017. Subsequently, the Indian Army has already communicated to the company, as confirmed by the company sources, that it was the lowest bidder and could get the contract soon.

After from the switchboard supply, the project also includes civil works for providing the complete infrastructure required at various sites along with the optical fibre network. This will also be taken up by ITI and would be the added boost to its order book.

The order will also cover installation, commission and maintenance of telecom equipment like IP / MPLS Routers, Microwave Radio Sets, Satellite Terminals, Mobile Nodes and Test Equipment. The overall value of all these sub-items is expected to be Rs.7796 crore.

ASCON is not just important for India but also sensitive and mission critical because the army's telecom network backbone is based on this. This will also be implemented in phases along the borders of India. It will be an integrated switchboard management system. ASCON is flexible to handle different and varied kinds of terrain.