InvestorQ : Kaise withdraw Kare paise mutual fund se?
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Kaise withdraw Kare paise mutual fund se?

PK answered.
2 years ago

Redeeming shares of a mutual fund can be as easy as a single click online or a phone call. On the other hand, it might require a meeting with your financial adviser. It depends on your needs and the tax status of your account. In any case, the process is pretty straightforward.

Find Your Account Number

Your mutual fund account number should be on your account statement. If you have online access to your mutual fund account and the account is not tax-advantaged, such as an IRA or 401(k), you can log in to your account on your investment company or bank's website.

Enter Your Withdrawal Amount

Wait for the screen that asks you how much you want to withdraw. There should be a drop-down field that asks you how you want to sell your shares: dollar amount, number of shares, percentage of holdings, or all shares.