InvestorQ : Kon sa share kharide iss Samay mein?
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Kon sa share kharide iss Samay mein?

Mahima Roy answered.
1 year ago

Clearly, the rate cut recently made in March 2020 will be good news for sectors like banks, NBFCs, real estate and auto stocks.

However, there is also the immediate worry of business coming to a standstill for the time being and limited cash flow visibility due to likely delays in payment of EMIs and installments. Some of the stocks to benefit would include the banks like HDFC Bank and SBI which can bet on a sharp revival in demand for loans when the activity actually picks up in the economy.

On the auto front, the two-wheelers could get a boost from lower rates as well as entry levels cars.

The clear beneficiaries will be Bajaj Auto and Maruti. Among the realty companies, we could see DLF being a major beneficiary and some sound companies like Prestige, largely a south based company. Also select NBFCs like Bajaj Finance and HDFC could also benefit from lower rates.