InvestorQ : Market is very volatile these days. Is it good time to invest?
Rishita Das made post

Market is very volatile these days. Is it good time to invest?

Ishita Jain answered.
4 years ago
The volatility of the market is a concern for an intra-day trader, as buying and selling happen on daily basis. For investment purpose, one has to choose an investment option on those securities that have a good intrinsic value and seems to be undervalued today. In the bear market, like current scenario, even the price of potentially high-return generating securities goes down, so investing in these stocks at today will be a great investment. However, investment should not be done for a short duration but for a longer duration so that the stock in which you have invested will bounce back to its real intrinsic value. This is the reason why a Systematic Investment Plan is able to create wealth, as stocks are bought are every price thus accumulating the stocks unit if kept for a longer period.
I hope I have answered your question.

Purvesh answered.
3 years ago
Rishita, Please check the fundamentals of any stocks, Its past performance, and historical results.
These all will help you to decide the scrips to invest. My personal view will be to wait till Budget as it will impact the market at a greater extent.