InvestorQ : may I invest in sip to which firm or co. mf ?
Mono R Das made post

may I invest in sip to which firm or co. mf ?

2 years ago
Before I recommend you in favour of SIP investment I would like to give you a quick view on SIP. SIP is a mode of investing in a mutual fund at relatively lower sums of money in the market at regular interval. Your interval of investment can be weekly, daily, monthly or yearly, that depends on the investor’s choice.

Without knowing your investment objective I won't be able to recommend SIP that would help to optimize the benefits. Thus you can rather visit a fund house or their online branch to check the plan. Pick up the best offer and start your investment.

Since you have raised your query, I would like to list down a few SIP showing normal growth trend in the current market. Please note below schemes are considered good with different objectives:
HDFC Small Cap Fund (G), IDFC Tax Advantage (ELSS) Fund,
SBI Small Cap Fund (G), AXIS Bluechip Fund (G) are some of the best plan or scheme with a different objective.

I am sharing a InvestorQ link that would redirect towards a similar query. The answer may help you for a broader view: