InvestorQ : mutual fund axis bank 5 years
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mutual fund axis bank 5 years

Moii Chavate answered.
2 years ago

Many investors have been showing their interest in Axis mutual fund as several schemes of this fund house have been doing well for the last few years. However, as per my observation, it is not certain that top-performing schemes will continue to perform in the future as well. Even the best of the funds may see times of underperformance due to a variety of reasons. Moreover, having a portfolio of schemes by only one or two fund houses may cause concentration in the portfolio.

Finally, it is recommended that a mutual fund portfolio be diversified across parameters including exposure towards various fund houses. Therefore, instead of chasing high performing schemes, an investor should invest in the schemes that suit their risk profile and fit in their asset allocation to meet their long term financial goals.

Also, majorly it depends upon your age, risk appetite and financial goal.