InvestorQ : My father tells me that investing in shares is like gambling. Is that true?
Maniish Lofar made post

My father tells me that investing in shares is like gambling. Is that true?

Dhwani Mehta answered.
3 years ago
Investing is not gambling, so punting in the market is not investing. In gambling, you rely heavily on chance and odds. While there is an element of risk in investing, you are in a position to manage your risk. Investing is a conscious effort to grow your money steadily over a longer period of time. Don’t mistake it with gambling!
We all get into small bets. I say that it will not rain and my friend says it will rain. Or, I say that India will win the cricket match and my friend says that Australia will win. What happens in these cases is that both of us don’t have any control. For example, none of us have any control over whether it will rain or not. That is up to the rain gods. Both of us do not have control over whether India will win or Pakistan will win. That will depend on how the teams plan on the day. This is betting or gambling not investing. In investing, you do research and you study the stock. Then you decide the buying or selling of the stock.
In gambling, you can only hope that your team wins or that it rains. In investing, you can actually manage the risk. That is why it is different from gambling. Many people feel that the share market is like a casino. That is only because markets are volatile in the short run. But gambling and investing is not the same.