InvestorQ : new hu or kam karna hay trending may
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new hu or kam karna hay trending may

Sam Eswaran answered.
2 years ago

When a person buys and sells the same stock or financial instrument on the same day on the stock exchange, it is referred as intraday trading. The objective of an intra-trader is to make an instant profit by forecasting or predicting future price movement of the stock on either side, up or down. Intraday trader book profit on the volatility of the stock price. Traders try to Hedge, Speculate, or arbitrage by doing intra-day trading. However, one should not predict such future movement of stock on gut feeling or intuition rather it should be backed up by some validation.

1. To start one should learn technical analysis so that buying or selling can be forecasted by chart indicators like moving the average chart, support or resistance level, etc.

2. Look at the market on a daily basis and apply these learnings.

3. Once you think that you can start trading then start with paper trading. That means, Observe the movements, set a stop loss, put a target and apply all the knowledge on a paper on the same way you would have done on real life.

4. If this paper trading gives you confidence, then open a trading and demat account with any broker like sharekhan or 5 paisa and start online trading with a small amount.

5. This will give you an understanding of the real-market pressure before trading on a big amount.

I would suggest you to join a trading firm as you can get a hand-on-experience and guidance of experienced professional.