InvestorQ : Should I Invest in India Infoline Finance NCD?
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Should I Invest in India Infoline Finance NCD?

Siya Saran answered.
3 years ago
Before I say any positive or negative view on the India Infoline Finance NCD for Aug 2019, I would like to discuss some information.
As many NCDs are coming in the market, investors must compare read and analyse each NCD before they buy.

Essentials of IIFL NCD-
The NCD will be open for the public to subscribe on 6th August 2019 and ends on 30th August 2019. Face value is Rs. 1000 and the minimum investment is 10 bonds. That concludes to a minimum investment of Rs. 10000. The company allows investors to invest in multiples of 1 bond.

About the NCD and the company -
The company is issuing both secured & unsecured redeemable NCD’s. Estimate rate is as high as 10.5% pa. On maturity, interest can be monthly, quarterly and on maturity.
India Infoline Finance has been rated good to the instrument from Brick Works as AA+/Stable Ratings and as AA/Stable by CRISIL.

However, apart from the above information that signs green to apply for NCD, there is a point I would like to share. There is a chance that the company's business may affect badly through the uncertainty of an increase in non-performing assets on its loan portfolio.
I would recommend you to study the market and the company thoroughly before you invest. It would be better to stay away from the risk through avoiding high-risk NCDs now.