InvestorQ : The offer document is so huge and I have neither the time nor understanding to fully go through it. How and what do I read here?
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The offer document is so huge and I have neither the time nor understanding to fully go through it. How and what do I read here?

Ria Jain answered.
3 years ago

This sub-section attempts to inform the structure of presentation of the content in an offer document. The basic objective is to help the reader to navigate through the content of an offer document.

Cover Page

Under this head, full contact details of the Issuer Company, lead managers and registrars, the type of issue, number of shares offered, price and issue size, and the particulars regarding listing. Other details such as IPO Grading, risks in relation to the first issue, etc are also disclosed, if applicable.

Risk Factors

Under this head the management of the issuer company gives its view on the Internal and external risks envisaged by the company and the proposals, if any, to address such risks.

This information is disclosed in the initial pages of the document and also in the abridged prospectus. It is generally advised that the investors should go through all the risk factors of the company before making an investment decision.


Under this head a summary of the industry in which the issuer company operates, the business of the Issuer Company, offering details in brief, summary of consolidated financial statements and other data relating to general information about the company, the merchant bankers and their responsibilities, the details of brokers/syndicate members to the Issue, credit rating (in case of debt issue), debenture trustees (in case of debt issue), monitoring agency, book building process in brief, IPO Grading in case of First Issue of

Equity capital and details of underwriting Agreements are given. Important details of capital structure, objects of the offering, funds requirement, funding plan, schedule of implementation, funds deployed, sources of financing of funds already deployed, sources of financing for the balance fund requirement, interim use of funds, basic terms of issue, basis for issue price, tax benefits are also covered in this section.

About us

Under this head a review of the details of business of the company, business strategy, competitive strengths, industry-regulations (if applicable), history and corporate structure, main objects, subsidiary details, management and board of directors, compensation, corporate governance, related party transactions, exchange rates, currency of presentation and dividend policy are given.

Financial Statements

Under this head financial statement and restatement as per the requirement of the

Guidelines and differences between any other accounting policies and the Indian

Accounting Policies (if the Company has presented its Financial Statements also as per either US GAAP/IFRS) are presented.

Legal and other information

Under this head outstanding litigations and material developments, litigations involving the company, the promoters of the company, its subsidiaries, and group companies are disclosed. Also material developments since the last balance sheet date, government approvals / licensing arrangements, investment approvals (FIPB/RBI etc.), technical approvals, and indebtedness, etc. are disclosed.

Other regulatory and statutory disclosures

Under this head, authority for the Issue, prohibition by SEBI, eligibility of the company to enter the capital market, disclaimer statement by the issuer and the lead manager, disclaimer in respect of jurisdiction, distribution of information to investors, disclaimer clause of the stock exchanges, listing, impersonation, minimum subscription, letters of allotment or refund orders, consents, expert opinion, changes in the auditors in the last 3 years, expenses of the issue, fees payable to the intermediaries involved in the issue process, details of all the previous issues, all outstanding instruments, commission and brokerage on, previous issues, capitalization of reserves or profits, option to subscribe in the issue, purchase of property, revaluation of assets, classes of shares, stock market data for equity shares of the company, promise vis-à-vis performance in the past issues and mechanism for redressal of investor grievances is disclosed.

Offering information

Under this head Terms of the Issue, mode of payment of dividend, face value and issue price, rights of the equity shareholder, market lot, nomination facility to investor, issue procedure, book building procedure in details along with the process of making an application, signing of underwriting agreement and filing of prospectus with SEBI/ROC, announcement of statutory advertisement, issuance of confirmation of allocation note("can") and allotment in the issue, designated date, general instructions, instructions for completing the bid form, payment instructions, submission of bid form, other instructions, disposal of application and application moneys, interest on refund of excess bid amount, basis of allotment or allocation, method of proportionate allotment, dispatch of refund orders, communications, undertaking by the company, utilization of issue proceeds, restrictions on foreign ownership of Indian securities, are disclosed.

Other miscellaneous Information

This covers description of equity shares and terms of the Articles of Association, material contracts and documents for inspection, declaration, definitions and abbreviations, etc.