InvestorQ : what about nifty in next week
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what about nifty in next week

Roshni Hegde answered.
3 years ago
After the market witnessed low opening on Tuesday it continued sailing in the negative territory in a narrow 20- point range.However eventually with a quick recovery Nifty Index saw a rush on Wednesday morning.It had a positive mark by late evening and closed in 20.35 points .
Thus experts say,Investor should follow upward move to shelter one's profit at the good level.Furthermore,forecast of experts on Thursday, 20th December says Index value 10929,maximum 11093, minimum 10765. Whereas NIFTY predictions on the following day are; Index value 11013, maximum 11178, minimum 10848.
In regards to next week, forecasts anticipates the NIFTY value to sightly make a high move and eventually slide down to a average number by the end of the week.