InvestorQ : What about the delivery trading ?
sanjeevkumar made post

What about the delivery trading ?

leah Diaz answered.
2 years ago

Delivery trading is nothing but the buying of stocks in the cash market. Here you can buy the stock and keep it for as many days as you want. Nowadays full margin is required for buying any stock in the market.

The pros of delivery trading are that you can sell the stock on any future date & there is no extra cost for keeping the stocks. The chances of loss are very less as you can sell on any date.

The cons of the delivery trading are the stock moves a little slow & the liquidity is less as compared to F&O trading. There is no leverage trading happening in Delivery as per the new norms by the SEBI.

In my point of view, for the beginners in the stock market - Delivery trading is the best of All.