InvestorQ : What are intraday trading calls essentially based on?
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What are intraday trading calls essentially based on?

Abhisha Yadav answered.
3 years ago

Intraday calls are essentially based on technical charts and news flows. Both are equally important. The charts capture the underlying trend based on past data while the news flows capture the shifts in momentum that happen or the continuation of momentum that happens because of news flows. News flows can be positive or negative and as an intraday trader your biggest role is to interpret these news flows. As an intraday trader you need calls that are available to you in the morning before you start trading. That is not enough. You also require calls during the day based on the flow of news or when the markets become volatile. Intraday trading calls should be looked at as a mix of advice and facilitating you to do self-driven trading. At the end of the day, the trades should be entirely your own. That is because brokers can only give you a generic view of markets and trades. The onus is still on you to customize and see if the call suits you or not. Brokers will typically combine levels, pivot points and technical charts to provide you with a trading framework based on which you can easily take a view on the market and intraday trading positions.