InvestorQ : What are some of the best self-investments I can make right now as a 22 year old?
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What are some of the best self-investments I can make right now as a 22 year old?

Suhani Mirza answered.
3 years ago

Always remember, the choice of investments is based on your objectives, age, and risk appetite. Let me frame it in an instance, it is not advisable for senior citizens to invest more than 40% of their savings. Keeping the age factor into conideration they must invest their savings in fixed income instruments like bank fixed deposits.

As per your query, it is not specified the main factors for investment suggestions i won't be able to directly recommend you.

However, let me suggest you in a general way. If you are looking for a risk-appetite, if you are totally risk averse, best option is bank fixed deposits. You may have to low your hope with high returns.

On the contrary, if you can risk, a portion of your savings can be in equity which may give an yield of 15% in the long term. In equity, you have to be very selective. If you do not know much about equity, but at the same time anxious to get higher returns, take mutual funds route.

If you ask about the best bank stocks I would recommend below three bank stocks:
SBI and

Pranit Sharma answered.
3 years ago


First thing first. As soon as possible ( you start earning), buy yourself a Term Insurances.

Why this hurry in buying a term Insurance?
Because the premium amount goes up with your age. Once you start investment the premium amount remains constant throughout the life of the policy. That means if you get in at slow premium.

2. House

Real Estate investment requires large sums of money. You need to build on a corpus for the down payment for your flat (around 20%) and avail of a home loan for remaining amount (80%) given that the time frame for this 10-15 years and considering the price.

3. Stock / Mutual funds

If you start early in life, you can achieve your various financial goals with small and regular investment.

4. Planning for Retirement

While you may wonder why you need to worry about a goal that is almost four decades away, but retirement planning is not only required but it is in your best interest that you start early.


ULIP Stands for unit linked insurance plans. ULIP is a combination of insurance and investment. A small amount of premium goes to secure life insurance and rest of money is invested just like a mutual fund does.

"If you have long term ULIP, go for equality oriented fund option - which is called a Growth option"-Says Deepak Yohannan,CEO of

Stay away from direct investing in Stock Market (until you are not having the proper knowledge)

Avoid FD’s.


AR Kadam answered.
2 years ago

Buy Sufficient Amount of Term Insurance & Health Insurance Cover

Start SIP in Balanced Advantage / Asset Allocator / Multi Asset / Multicap Scheme based on your risk taking capacity

Do consult your personal financial advisor for personalised advise as per your risk profile