InvestorQ : What are the benefits and registration process of SBI Pension Seva scheme?
Niharika Kamble made post

What are the benefits and registration process of SBI Pension Seva scheme?

Suresh Patil answered.
2 years ago
SBI has recently launched PensionSeva for its pensioners (other than staff pensioners), who have their pension account in the bank, it is a simple to use the website and is directed to benefit the pensioners immensely.

Registration process:

1)Visit the website
2) Enter the following details for registration:

  • User-ID (to be created by pensioner)
  • Pension Account Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Branch Code of pension paying branch
  • Registered E-mail id already submitted to a bank branch

3) Create a new password, then confirm the password entered.
4) Choose 2 profile questions and answers and save them for future reference.
5) On successful registration, you will receive an e-mail sent to registered e-mail id for account activation.

Your registration process shall be completed here and after that, you can log in through your UserId and password and can easily access your Pension account.

Pensioners can easily access information related to their pension account from the comfort of their home, with the website’s easy to use interface. Here’s all that you can do:

  • Download arrear calculation sheets
  • Download Pension slip
  • Download Form-16
  • Access investment-related details
  • Status of life certificate
  • Details of various transactions routed through that account
  • Obtain Pension slip online through e-mail
  • Investment in various schemes through your pension profile.