InvestorQ : What are the best stocks to invest in 2021?
Indrajeet Kashyap made post

What are the best stocks to invest in 2021?

Swapnil Sarang answered.
5 months ago
In 2021, the fate of the economy and stock market will depend mainly on how successfully the vaccine will roll-out around the globe while government schemes and assistance will also play a major role. So, with the major dependence on the healthcare sector, the requirement of advanced technology and rising demand for entertainment will pitch the growth of these sectors. 

Stocks of pharmaceutical companies like Cipla, Pfizer, Lupin, Sun Pharma, Glenmark, and others will stand positive.
The stock of technology giants will also show tremendous growth in the upcoming year as this pandemic has put to halt the research and development of many advancements. Google has made several investments in Indian Companies in 2020, which will mark a new market for those companies. Hence, we can expect better than ever growth. Major Companies are Apple, Microsoft, Infosys, TCS, Wipro, etc.

This pandemic has shifted more people towards entertainment and it is evident from the rising TRPs of so many TV shows, high viewership in OTT platforms. Entertainment houses are trying to bring fresh content and are making efforts to bring India’s entertainment industry to new heights. This is one such industry that is always growing. So, companies like BAG Films, Shemaroo Entertainment, CineVista, Eros International media, etc. have high growth potential.

Reliance Industries Limited is working continuously to get the latest advancements in the market and has recently announced the development of the 5G network in India. This will provide new exposure and a new market to RIL. Hence, this is one such stock with very high growth potential.