InvestorQ : What are the major trading and investing cues in the stock markets for the week commencing on 29th October?
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What are the major trading and investing cues in the stock markets for the week commencing on 29th October?

shrinidhi Rajan answered.
3 years ago

The week marks the first week of trading in Samvat 2076 and is likely to set the tone for the full trading year ahead. Here is some of the major trading and investment cues for the week ahead.

· The Sensex closed with 192 points gain on the Muhurat trading day on 27 October and that is likely to rub off on the week. However, volatility in the market is likely to continue on the back of the F&O expiry slated on Thursday. That is likely to keep the markets volatile during the week.

· The BREXIT extension by 3 months may not be a solution but at least it does away with the prospects of a chaotic BREXIT. However, the prospects of an early exit still exist if Johnson has his way with holding fresh elections in December this year. However, markets will be pleased that October 31 BREXIT looks unlikely for now.

· Tata Motors reported JLR numbers much better than expected and surprisingly China is still buying luxury cars in large numbers. This combined with the BREXIT postponement will be positive for Tata Motors and that could rub off on the auto sector as a whole.

· On Monday, the S&P 500 touched an all-time record level with the Dow and the NASDAQ sharply up. Apart from the progress on trade talks, the stock markets also benefited from expectations of a rate cut by the Fed later this month.

· On the downside the China industrial growth expectations could be an overhang on the markets as that was supposed to be the demand driver for the whole world. That could be an overhang on markets at higher levels.

· Foreign portfolio investors have been net buyers in the equity market for the month of October till date and that is likely to be a consolation for the markets. At least, it could keep the rupee buoyant, if not the markets.

· Some big results are expected and the last week saw some impressive results including SBI reporting a 3-fold jump in profits. This week some of the important results include Bharti Airtel, Petronet LNG and Hindustan Zinc etc.

· Global oil prices, a key data point will be the key. It did cross the $62/bbl mark briefly during the week but has settled below the level. The markets will be happy with any absence of oil price spike and the current levels will keep the markets pleased.

· Some of the key domestic data points this week will be the core sector announcement for the month of September, the auto sales numbers for the month of October and the PMI Manufacturing Index number for the month of October.

Nifty could be largely dependent on the global cues during the week.