InvestorQ : What are the monsoon expectations for the year 2021?
Arti Chavan made post

What are the monsoon expectations for the year 2021?

Rutuja Nigam answered.
2 years ago

Early estimates from the weatherman have estimated that the monsoons this year would hit the Southern coast around 01 June, which could be a slightly delayed landfall because last year it had landed in the last week of May. However, the official forecast of the Met Department will only be issued on 15 May. That would be the closest official estimate of the monsoons to the event.

In India, today 50% of the farmlands still do not have access to irrigation cover and depend on the Jun-Sep monsoons every year. Last year, the monsoons were above the long period average or LPA and this year also monsoons are expected to be close to 100% of the LPA. It that actually happens, then it would be the third consecutive year of normal monsoons in India after a gap of almost 20 years.