InvestorQ : What are these 3 giga factories that Adani is planning in India?
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What are these 3 giga factories that Adani is planning in India?

Ria Jain answered.
4 weeks ago

Currently, Adani group has laid out plans to build another 3 giga factories that will manufacture solar modules, wind turbines and hydrogen electrolysers. This is over and above the 4 giga factories that have already been announced by the Adani group as part of its $70billion green energy game plan. Adani group wants to emerge as the world's top renewable energy producer by the year 2030. The end gameplan is to create one of the most integrated green-energy value chains right here in India and comparable globally.

Here is what the 3 giga factories will do. Products will extend from polysilicon to solar modules covering the full solar energy value chain. These giga factories will also undertake to manufacture wind turbines and hydrogen electrolysers. The idea is to create a vertically integrated supply and demand chain. Green hydrogen will focus on using alternate energy to separate hydrogen. The 4 giga factories already announced will make integrated solar PV modules that will generate electricity from sunlight.

Adani group will also make electrolysers to produce hydrogen from water. It will also make fuel cells and batteries to store energy from the grid, apart from 20 GW energy for captive use. Today, in alternate energy, the storage is key to ensuring round the clock and limitless supply. That is where solar still needs to work on.