InvestorQ : What are weekly Nifty options and how are they useful?
Tanu Shukla made post

What are weekly Nifty options and how are they useful?

shrinidhi Rajan answered.
3 years ago

The idea of weekly Nifty Options is nothing new. The idea has been experimented with in the past, although without much success. The big change came about when NSE got the approval from SEBI to introduce weekly options on the Bank Nifty and it finally went live effective May 2016. Over the last year, there has been some interest in weekly options building up, although the traditional monthly options continue to be the big story in Indian derivative markets. However, one year may be too short a time to judge the success or otherwise of a product as complex as weekly options. But it will be instructive to understand the unique benefits that weekly options offer for traders and hedgers. While traditional monthly options expire on the last Thursday of the month, weekly options expire every Thursday. From the perspective of traders and hedgers, there are some key benefits that weekly options will proffer.