InvestorQ : what does digital transformation really mean for todays business leader
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what does digital transformation really mean for todays business leader

2 years ago

Digital transformation, in simpler terms, means the process where one uses digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes, customer experience, culture and to meet changing business requirements. By accepting digitalization, traditional roles like customer sales, customer services, and marketing are changed significantly.

When businesses adopt digitalization, the way the entire unit functions get altered and make it easy for the team to handle things. However, at the beginning of adoption, it can also be challenging for the team to accept the new process and consequently, it might also face resistance from the team. If the companies think of digital transformation, they generally take a step back and revisit everything they do. If the business leader considers digitalization, he asks himself questions like, “Can our processes be changed in a way that will enable better decision-making or a better customer experience with more personalization?”

A business leader is always in a position to influence the way people work and direct them in a direction that is helpful and beneficial for the organization and the entire team. So, with digital transformation, he could be able to control that the work performed is efficient.