InvestorQ : What has been the response to the Easy Trip IPO at the close on Wednesday?
Debbie Mascarenhas made post

What has been the response to the Easy Trip IPO at the close on Wednesday?

Arti Chavan answered.
2 years ago

The response to the Easy Trip IPO was much better than was originally expected. At the end of the third day of subscription, the IPO of Easy Trip was subscribed 159.33 times by the close of trade on 10 March. The subscription was largely distributed across the three categories of investors viz. Retail Investors, Non-Institutional HNIs and qualified institutional buyers or QIBs.

In terms of specific oversubscription update, the retail was subscribed 77.4 times, the HNI or non-institutional portion was subscribed almost 382.21 times while the qualified institutional buyer or QIB portion was subscribed 77.53 times. It may be recollected that the IPO price band had bene fixed in the range of Rs.186-187 per share and one can infer based on the response that the discovered price will be fixed at the upper end of the band.

There is no fresh issue component in the Easy Trip IPO and the IPO was entirely an offer for sale of OFS with both the initial promoters of the online travel venture selling part of their stake in the company. As per data released for the previous financial year, Easy Trip is be the largest online travel agency in India in terms of gross revenues reported. This IPO is one more in the list of highly successful IPOs that have gone through in Mar-21.