InvestorQ : what i can do in jeera holding 200 quintal
ravi agarwal made post

what i can do in jeera holding 200 quintal

Khushi Patel answered.
2 years ago
I am not clear about whether you are holding in spot or in futures and what is your acquisition price. However, let me give the view on Jeera prospects. India is the largest producer and also the largest consumer of jeera. However, it has been facing competition from Syria which exports 80% of its output. Prices of jeera futures are expected to scale higher as a rebound in exports and higher anticipated local demand during the upcoming festive season makes the outlook bullish. Remember that Jeera is the second largest exported spice from India.

The weak crop in Syria and Turkey and weak monsoons this year in India has led to strong prices of most agri products. In fact, jeera exports rose 31 percent in volume terms and 24 percent in value for the nine months ended December 2018 indicating record shipments. One of the world’s major importers of Jeera is China, which is shifting its demand majorly to India as Syria and Turkey are not able to meet the needs. Prices of jeera are expected to get a boost from supply shortfalls due to weak monsoon. In fact, production has been lower in major jeera growing region of Gujarat, but it has been better in Rajasthan, the next biggest producer. Overall, the outlook looks good for Jeera at this point in time.