InvestorQ : What in your view are the major cues for the stock markets in the trading week between December 07 and December 11, 2020?
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What in your view are the major cues for the stock markets in the trading week between December 07 and December 11, 2020?

diksha shah answered.
3 years ago

The following are some of the key triggers for the stock markets in the coming week. These are largely indicative of how to read the market direction.

· The RBI decision to continue with the accommodative stance of monetary policy will be a key driver, especially for the rate sensitives like banks, NBFCs, autos and realty.

· Last week, Nifty breached 13,000 and Sensex breached 44,500 convincingly. Both these levels will be offering support in the coming week.

· The estimates of RBI upgrading of GDP contraction levels to -7.5% for FY21 is a major positive for industrials, infrastructure and also for the manufacturing sectors.

· Even as India reports 94.2% recovery rate from Coronavirus, the vaccine developments on the Pfizer BionTech front could only increase risk appetite of investors.

· Markets are heavily betting on the US stimulus package at a consensus level of $908 billion after payroll data disappointed. That is surely a market booster dose.

· The all-important October IIP numbers will be announced on 11 December, followed by CPI inflation on 14 November. IIP had turned around to +0.2% in September IIP data.

· Good old FPI flows continue robust at Rs.10,100 crore in December first week. This comes on top of Rs.65,000 crore infused in November as FPIs go risk-on.

· Crude oil at $49.25/bbl could pose a macro concern for India as anything above $50/bbl is normally an added cost. This was triggered by steep supply cuts by OPEC sustained.

· Option writing hints at a range of 13,000 to 13,500 for the Nifty even as the range has been consistently moving higher.

· VIX falling sharply during the week to 18.02 levels is a signal that markets will remain a buy-on-dips market with limited downside risks.

· Farmer agitation could be the bugbear and markets will closely watch the next round of farmer talks on December 09 to resolve MSP issues as rural demand drives India.

· GMP or the grey market premium for Burger King IPO will be under the scanner after the IPO was oversubscribed 157 times

· Key global data triggers for the week will include US JOLTS, jobless claims, inflation; EU GDP and Interest rates; Japan GDP and machinery orders; China inflation.