InvestorQ : What is a mutual fund screener? Which are a few good ones?
Moii Chavate made post

What is a mutual fund screener? Which are a few good ones?

Sam Eswaran answered.
1 year ago
There is a very long list of sites that provide information on mutual funds. Different investors end up having their own favorites. For overall analysis and data, I prefer to use IIFL. A mutual fund screener is a platform which allows investors to search and sort among thousands of mutual funds so they can be educated about and select appropriate options. Ultimately, the goal is to find a mutual fund that is a best fit for your needs. IIFL is the easiest and the most investor friendly mutual fund screener that I have used. The easy-to-use and understand screening ability allows the user to filter on various criteria which includes-
Fund Type
Fund Performance & Risk
Fund Style of operating
Fees and Other details

IIFL offers state of the art mutual fund analytics and research tools for a wholesome mutual fund experience. You can filter the right portfolio of mutual funds for you , without getting distracted by unnecessary details and figures. You can generate the mutual fund catered to your goals and risk appetite. I would suggest that you definitely give a chance to this IIFL’s mutual fund screener.