InvestorQ : What is ETFy - ETF Baskets?
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What is ETFy - ETF Baskets?

shivangi Arora answered.
11 months ago
ETFy is a platform of IIFL Securities curated for ETF baskets. Now you must be wondering how does this works?
First of all, ETF is an Exchange-Traded-fund (ETF) which can be a combination of an index mutual fund and a stock. This type of investment tracks an index, commodity, sector, or any other asset. However, all of these could be traded on a stock exchange as a regular stock does.

This is a platform where one could curate ETF baskets according to their requirements and then track them. The ETFy platform offers equity, debt, gold, and international ETF-based portfolio. IIFL Securities consider three main factors while curating these baskets which are growth, asset allocation, and individual investor goals.

There is one common question about ETFs is that whether or not it is suitable for individual investors?
I believe ETFs are appropriate for individual investors, but just like any other stock, they have some downsides. They have a low expense ratio and offer tax efficiency. It gets easy for investors to construct a diversified portfolio with the help of ETFs.
Out of my personal experience, this is a great initiative by IIFL Securities, and they are so far providing best-in-class service for the investors.